I'm Cara Jean. LiveLaughLove Is basically what I live my life based off of for now. I am as blank as this white page, black and white with a hint of the grays and an occasional burst of color. Tranquil and transparent, calm and creative, peaceful yet punctual. Musical+artistic+athletic+dance=my true passion from the deepest depths of my<3. Going with the flow is my main goal. I don't know where I'm headed to, but an idea of where I wanna be. Don't know what I'll become, but I know what I've become. Solidness on the outside and slightly, very divided internally!
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Realist   |   http://realistbranding.com

"Let us jump ahead and suppose that you were at least once in a position to recommend a great wine to a friend, but the name and the specific label were just too hard remember and recollect. Don’t worry, you are not to blame. That is probably due to the traditional and unimaginative labels that pack the store shelves (or at least the store shelves we frequent). With those two problems in mind we crafted a strategy to bring common everyday wine talk and translate it into effective and recognizable hand-painted wine labels. The result was a distinctive mix of humor and punchlines targeted at the upscale clientele of Easy Choice Winery in Paarl."

Realist is someone who knows opportunities are created, not coincidental. 

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Escape (The Pina Colada song) - Jack Johnson

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Bahamas - Don’t You Want Me (feat. The Weather Station)

OST The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


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“I think things are beautiful when you don’t plan them, and you don’t have any expectations, and you’re not trying to get somewhere in particular.”
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Merging Past and Present

Kerényi Zoltán“Everyone experiences that occasional desire to look back at a bygone age, and to catch a glimpse of something that touches their heart and moves their soul, or throws fresh light on the changes around us. Window to the Pastcaptures snapshots of times gone by in such a way that, while being rooted in reality, the images created form something new by <h3>. They offer us the chance to remember with eyes wide open. With open eyes and open heart alike.”

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